DEFGATE 101: DFG Bot Trading

In this part, DEFGATE will introduce our main products DFG Bot Trading, an utilisation of Bot AI Trading and Arbitrage algorithm

1.Bot AI trading

Artificial intelligence (AI) or robots with intelligence are gradually penetrating every industry on the market, from manufacturing to healthcare and many other activities. Taking the advantage of this trend, investment fund managers have successfully applied robots in investment transactions, ranging from commodities, currencies to stocks.

AI trading bots are automated trading robots that can read nearly all of the daily data from the Internet. The input data includes macroeconomic news (PMI, CPI, interest rates, GDP …), fundamental analysis (revenue, profit), statistical analysis (correlated or integrated regression), technical analysis (MA, Harmonic, candlestick pattern …), market microstructure (price difference), risk appetite … so that the robot will make the final decision and execute it.

2. Arbitrage algorithm

Arbitrage algorithm is the difference in market price between 2 entities. Arbitrage is very common in global markets. Arbitrage usually occurs when trading S&P 500 futures index and S&P 500 index. Sometimes, there are differences between these 2 indices, that is when one of the 2 indices runs before or after the other, giving rise to an opportunity for arbitrage. The fast algorithms can follow these two metrics and profit from the differences.

3. DFG Bot Trading

DEFGATE takes advantage of these strengths and launches DFG Bot Trading using AI artificial intelligence combined with an Arbitrage algorithm. DFG will bring a new experience and a new tool to effectively support investors. Not to mention, DFG helps minimize the risks that investors face while ensuring benefits as well as increasing profits for users.

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